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Those of you who haven’t been to mwvm’s myspace page in a while, there’s a bunch of new songs up on there.

Went through answering  ton of emails from reviewers & such & there are a few more reviews now.  I’ll post them soon.

I put up the ability to pre-order Sarah June & Carta on the Silber front page.  I still have to make their artist pages & write up their promo sheets.  But there are sound samples that work.

Sent off solicitations to the distros about the Sarah June, Carta, & Aarktica releases actually in the timing that I should.  Of course the question is if the distros will bother to do early solicitations to stores or not.  Who knows.

I talked to Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) & we’re probably going to be making some of his out of print catalog available as digital only over the next couple of months.

Talked to Sarah June & she’s planning on doing a series of videos for her album, so it’ll be cool to see if that promotional tool helps as none of the other bands on the label have really tried to push that angle hard so far.

I wrote my second draft of my new comic Cops & Crooks & I’ll hopefully get a final draft off to the artists tomorrow.  Still need to write up Just A Man #4, Worms #6, & Marked #2 (not to mention (R)evolution #1).

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