Plumerai/Hip Hop/Aarktica/Dreams

So I spent most of Saturday hanging out with Martin & James from Plumerai who are in NC visiting family.  Always good to see them as I was in burMonter with them for about six years or something & a lot of my ideas about music are influenced by that time period.  Funniest thing was Martin said he said that he had a new song that sounded like me playing guitar, one chord with occasional bends.

I also somehow ended up at a hip hop dance club at the end of Saturday night & realized that I’m totally wasting my time playing guitar.  I just need to focus on writing some beats that sound really lo-fi if I want to make money & say the same phrase a million times.  Which is pretty much what drone music is about, so the transition should be easy.

Mastered the six bonus tracks of the Aarktica remixes that will only be available to people who order it directly from

I read a pretty “funny” Solomon Kane story about a blind baron killing his wife because he found out she was lying when she said she was hot & that she was actually fat.  Gag stories about a Puritan sociopath, now there’s a hit comic book….

Lots of weird dreams lately:
A cat the size of a mouse scurrying in my house.
Getting my car stolen while on tour.
Losing my left hand (as if it was a robot part that had popped off).
Thank you speech for an award at a convention (during which I thanked the tv show Sliders).
Tied up in a straight jacket pulling a heavy weight tied behind me.
My chest collapsing in on itself.

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