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I got the final draft of Cops & Crooks off to Eric & Jason to draw.

My show this coming Monday is not only listed as a pick in the weekly, but has a write up as well.  We’ll see what attendance is like.

I finally watched this beginners’ horns DVD I bought almost a year ago.  They have a practice exercise of putting a piece of paper on the wall at arms length & blowing on it to hold it there & I couldn’t do it for even a tenth of a second.  Maybe I’m even more out of shape than I thought.  The trumpet lesson didn’t really do anything to help me (I am beginning to think there’s a real possibility of it being caused by how beat up my trumpet is), but I do feel like my trombone playing was improved as I never really even knew how to hold the thing much less where the positions were for making the different notes.  So it makes playing the trombone much more pleasing to play now & I might bring it back into the Small Life Form show, even if it is a bit harder to play with the way I normally have my microphones set up for that show.

I’ve gotten contacted by a couple labels lately about doing one-off albums & I had planned on doing a bunch of stuff like that, so I really need to start recording again.

Tried to get things set-up for the digital store yesterday, but an internet problem prevented it from happening.  Maybe today it will happen.

Trying to go back to 1999 to get myself to invest in better musical equipment & start touring more heavily, but instead ending up in 1990 & going back to high school.  I always new I would fuck up doing time travel.

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