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I submitted some Vlor tracks for a film placement today.  I’m starting to notice a lot of places charging for music submission.  Fees to have an opportunity for film placement, fees for opportunities for reviews or radio play, fees to potentially get booked at festivals.  It seems a little predatory & reminds me of how things work in the poetry market where they have all these contests with submission fees, but maybe no one today is a professional poet (given that if you are a college professor, that is your primary profession).  Is this where the music industry is headed?

I talked with Nick Marino (Timelog, Super Haters) about some things with digital comics as he’s more on top of that than me.  His analysis is people are willing to spend $1 for a comic they can read on their phone, but unwilling to pay to read a digital comic in any other format.  I really should make my comics available for phones; but I don’t even have a phone with a camera, much less a smart phone.  But if anyone knows how to make the apps & is interested in helping me make some, let me know.

I made a new side dish for dinner that worked pretty well.  I put a bunch of spinach in a casserole dish & put some slices of colby jack on top to weigh it down.  Put it in an oven at 350 (Fahrenheit) for ten minutes while caramelizing an onion on the stove.  Put the caramelized onion (along with a lot of fresh cracked black pepper) on to of the cheese & put the dish back in the oven for ten more minutes.  Final result – yummy & earthy.

Finished the web-based emails for Thorn1, so all the promo is out there, just waiting to see what (if anything) happens.

I’m listening to KDVS for the first time in years.  I forgot what a great radio station they are.  I really should listen to the stations I like more often instead of sticking with the ones that happen to be local.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    headed? that’s where it’s been for years. even in the big leagues you have to pay the headliners to be the support act (which opened up a whole new meaning for that term for me as opposed to using “opening” act”) or to be on festivals rosters.

    you should retool silber to catch up to the times mang.