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I got Thorn1′s “Drone” nominated for Music World Radio if you could help me vote it into the charts (no login, takes about a second, the track is in position 21) – here’s the link.

I saw silberspy/plague doctor masks twice in the media this week.  Once in the TV show Tower Prep & once in the movie Ink.  Kinda weird.

Did some work on populating the new banner through the Silber site.  Does anyone know how to make that whole portion of the site run through a style sheet so I never need to do these manual updates again?

Registered a bunch of songs on BMI.  I’m still confused how BMI works some times.  I know a lot of people who get a check every three months, but it’s only for $2.  I get a check only every couple of years, but it’s usually $100?  Maybe I set a payment threshold back in ancient times?

So there’s a kinda big news story about labels like Merge & Beggars Banquet abandoning eMusic somehow relating to eMusic starting to work with majors.  Allegedly because they are charging more & paying more per download for the majors.  It seems kind of retarded to me because I think people who prefer to use eMusic aren’t going to look for the music on a different site, they just won’t buy it.  I don’t know, I suppose they have more money than me, so maybe they have a better idea of what’s going on than me.

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