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Been getting some work done lately behind the scenes. Finished drawing Come Home Safe #2 (still need to scan it in), halfway finished drawing the next Lost Kisses, got a script written & sent out to the artist for Seabase 17 (new series), & I put a few more comics up on Amazon (not a lot of sales luck there yet, but I am hopeful).

Here’s a video from the Triangle Rhysing massed guitar thing I took part in last year:

& here’s a video from Chvad SB who will be having a release on Silber shortly. It’s a long drone.

Recent Dreams:
January 18, 2014
After years of living in squalor & depravity I finally meet Jesus face to face. He’s much shorter than I anticipated (maybe 5’2”) & looks like his body’s been broken down from a life of hard labor. I tell him I thought he’d be taller & he just shrugs his shoulders.

We’re having Eggo waffles for breakfast, but we’re out of butter. My girlfriend is about to smother them in suntan lotion & I tell her to wait & try one first before putting it on all of them.

At a Remora show I’m playing the song “More than the Sky.” I don’t know the words or the notes, but the music is just falling out of me more beautifully than any song ever has.

I’m going on tour with a band called Regulaters & I’m trying to convince them we need to buy a sack of fruit for in the van, but they don’t think it’s very rock & roll.

January 19, 2014
I’m staying at PD Wilder’s house on tour & the bathroom is lit from the floor rather than the ceiling. The lights are under huge glass tiles & I’m trying to pry one up, but they seem sealed. I’m on the floor trying to figure them out & PD opens the door & laughingly says, “What the hell are you doing?”

I wake up & see my girlfriend in the bedroom doorway, but turning to my left she’s still lying next to me on the bed. It must be her twin sister. I start to get out of bed & the twin comes over & pulls the blankets off of us & plunges a pair of scissors into my girlfriend’s chest. I manage to push her away before she can pull the scissors out to let my girlfriend’s blood spew out of her. My girlfriend starts to wake up & I’m trying to figure out how to break the news to her while keeping her sister at bay.

January 20, 2014
I’m lost driving on the outskirts of a small town. I’m past its second (& final) stoplight, curving around the two-lane road to what I assume is a baseball field on the left. The edges of the field furthest from me have a series of castle facades & in the field are people in costumes that make them look like twelve-foot puppets. The monster costumes look more tragic than frightening & I kind of wish I was one of them.

I’m checking out a local comic shop on the way to a convention. It is converted from a house & has separate rooms, but no organization as far as what is in one room to the next. They have a special sale where coupons for various percentages off single comics are randomly hidden amongst back issues, which is kind of a cool idea.

I’m getting sick & when I blow my nose the snot is such a fluorescent green that I think it might actually glow.

January 21, 2014
I’m hanging out with my friends Ben & Arabella & they’re telling me that they’re going to be sent back in time as part of a witness relocation program & I realize that they are actually going to become my parents.

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