More Behind than Ahead

Got a constructive email from friend/reviewer Mark Tucker that most of the description blurbs on the Silber site are not particular good/useful to anyone not already familiar with the music.  I get so steeped into Silber that I forget that other people don’t know the material & that a description that just says another great release from Lycia doesn’t mean anything to a lot of people.  So I need to add re-working those things to my to do list.

Got things done with Moodring: Live & it’s up at the downloads page.

I was looking at the stats about the recent batch of mini-comics & usually I get 40-50% of my promos reviewed & this time it’s only been 10%.  It makes me wonder why.  Have I been over saturating people with the mini-comics (three batches went out this year) or did people hate the DVD or is working with Dave Sim really a liability instead of an asset?  Maybe it’s just the time of year & I’m being paranoid.

The Carta album arrived at my house today.  So I need to get on point about that release.  Kyle is already getting stuff ready for the promotional EP.

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