Back in the Groove

I think the Sarah June artwork is done.  So it should go off for manufacturing early next week.

I got in my new batch of silberspy masks today.  I feel like a bit of a nut for having gotten this many for no apparent reason.  I’ll need to buy a house to hang them up in once Silber makes its millions.

I went through grabbing images from Worms for making shirts via CafePress.  It seems like the shirts cost more than they used to their, but if people see stuff they want, then they’ll be able to get it.  We’ll see, I don’t know if anyone has ever bought any of the other shirts I have up there.  I always thought the Remora Anaaron stuff was cool & would sell, but it seems like I’m in the minority on that.

Got an email from Chris Olley (Six by Seven/Twelve) that he’s started up a boutique guitar pedal line.  I wrote to him suggesting my true bypass effect loop volume pedal style fade-in/out design.  No word back on that.  He did tell me that the octave pedal I’m looking for is the Electro Harmonix POG.  So I guess I’ll look into it evn though I’ve traditionally had bad luck with EH pedals crapping out for no reason.

I’m looking for a non-playable violin & bow to use to make my tape violin more theatrical & playable.  So if anyone has one let me know & I’ll pay for shipping.

With the on-going delay I keep putting on myself with Remora’s Mecha, I’m thinking about adding a new song to it.  A song that’s three years old, never recorded, & porbably only heard by a dozen folks.  Just got to see if I can figure out how to play it again as it’s been stuck in my head for the last month.  The song’s called “Last Call for Alcohol” & is obviously a tear sucking ballad with only 4 words….  It’ll add the amount of unreleased songs on the disc to about 50% compared to the reworked pieces.

I hear Best Buy now sells musical equipment.  Anybody know how true this is?  Is it similar to the musical equipment at Target & Wal-Mart?

Going to start doing some stuff for getting the next issue of QRD going.  Anyone interested in being a contributor?  I’m looking for people interested in conducting interviews or writing witty beer reviews.

In the sad news department, the much beloved River City Arts in Smithfield is going to be moving from it’s large cool space on Third Street to being inside of an office building measuring 20′x25′ which will inhibit the ability to host weird music a bit.  A big thanks to Kirk Adam for fighting the good fight & bringing cool stuff to Smithfield for so long.  For those of you outside of my immediate area, Smithfield is a small town (population 13,000, about 12 square miles, 20% of the population below the poverty line (info from wikipedia)) with no reason to have an art scene in it (no university, no huge philanthropic organization) & it gives a lot of hope to the idea any small town could really become a thriving place of culture with 30 active people in an artistic community.  There’s just a need for the spark.  Of course the art gallery was able to exist because they were able to get a rent free venue in an empty store front thanks to Chris Johnson (Downtown Smithfield Development Corporation).  So hopefully something even better will turn up sometime.  We’ll see what happens.

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