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Okay kids, another big day at Silber.

I finally knocked out the Moodring webpage on Silber –

Also I made the press releases for Moodring & Lost Kisses, follow the links on the Silber home page.  Both are available for purchase now & you can listen to a track from Moodring.  In addition I made the one sheets for distributors today & sent out to get the distros to start soliciting stores.  Street date for stores is September 22.  I’ll stat sending out the promos as soon as the mood rings (literal rings) come in that I’m using as a gimmick promo.

I went through doing some more mining for reviewers (this time mainly New Zealand) & found an additional 30 folks to contact.  This next set of releases will make or break me.  Which is how it feels every time I suppose.

Probably going to take another stab at the Aarktica remix based on some input.

Got a new artist interested in drawing Marked, which is a comic that’s been abandoned by about ten artists over the years.

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