Getting Ready to Push

Spent about 8 hours today updating the press contacts from the work the Silber interns had done over the past month & trying to figure out who to cut from the promo list.  It’s sad because there were some radio stations that I remember being Silber favorites from ten years ago (I’m really that old?) that were basically on from that legacy.  Radio stations that have not really been in touch or playing the music for five years.  From here on out I’m planning to do a lot more with asking reviewers & radio stations to opt-in to receive releases to save some money on shipping & get a higher amount of the promos into appropriate hands.  So hopefully I’ll still send out a couple hundred promos but increase effectiveness.  We’ll see what happens.

I sent emails to about 50 DVD reviewing outlets about if they wanted to review Lost Kisses, so far exactly one response back & they said they didn’t do indie stuff.

Did another remix of the Aarktica song.  Jon seems to want me to add some more typical Remora elements to flavor it (meaning my guitar &/or bass).

Last night I saw a band that received four stars in Rolling Stone.  Even if I wasn’t into their music I would expect something super-tight, but I felt like I could’ve sit in with them never having heard their music before & the set wouldn’t have been much worse.  It reminded me of seeing the Linkin Park performance where the drummer couldn’t hear the samples guy & the timing was off.  Maybe those were just individual bad performances & not indicative of the professionalism in more popular music.

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