Blazing Through

A lot done today.

I did a first draft of my Aarktica remix.  I’m not 100% sure on it yet & I sent Jon/Aarktica a copy for his opinion of it.

I contacted this Norwegian ambient distro about the next process in starting to work with them, I had kinda dropped the ball on working with them back in June letting an email go unanswered.  So hopefully that will come to fruition.

Did some more mini-comic follow-ups & some more reviews are starting to trickle in.

Got everything fixed up with the artworks for Aarktica & Vlor.  So they should be ready soon.

Finally got a first draft of the Lost Kisses DVD press release done.  Should be sweet.

Burned the extra copies of the Just A Man DVD & filled out the paperwork for submitting it to the Carrboro Film Festival.

Got in the band photo from Moodring, so I should be able to get their press release set to print tomorrow.

I haven’t been giving the shout-outs to my interns lately because I have been too busy doing various other things to really process their work.  But a big thanks to Ben Collins & Bill Pernell for their excellent work.

Plumerai have a new EP available.  You can listen to it online at

I’ve got another potential comic book collaborator.  I need to start on working up a new series or two as more artists seem to be interested lately.

A lot to try to get done tomorrow, I want to get the LK & Moodring info off to my distributors so I can start soliciting stores about it.  Fingers crossed on having time to get it all done.

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