mixing & kibitzing

So I feel like today was a pretty good day.

Got the mixing done on the Small Life Form nuclear recordings.  I’ll need to send them to Environmental Aesthetics soon.  It’s a weird idea to have recordings that I don’t own, almost like being on a “real” label.

Had a bunch of orders to fill today, so that’s always nice.

I was looking at some of the Yahoo Groups I’m on that show their history of traffic over the past five years or so.  They used to get a few thousand posts a month & now they get a dozen.  I still haven’t figured out what happened to everyone.  Two years ago I would’ve said MySpace, but it seems traffic here isn’t as heavy either.  Are people starting to actually communicate with each other in each others physical presence or something?  No… that can’t be it….

Spent several hours doing the follow ups about the releases that went out for review.  A couple hundred personal emails wears me out.  I have no idea how I used to do this when I worked full time.

Ordered a Digitech JamMan pedal.  Not sure if it’s going to make much of an effect on my sound really, but I’ve been thinking about getting it since it was released.  I might having to slightly reorganize my effect chain though.

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