losing lines

So my internet has been out the past couple days & I’m at a friends house to write the little blog.  My phone actually is out too, which is both nice & annoying.

Yesterday I spent inking my brother’s niece’s comic & then scanning it in & laying it out.  So it’s like I did a good deed.

Finished mixing/mastering the Small Life Form nuclear recordings & mailed those in to Environmental Aesthetics.

Worked on recording a new Remora EP thing tentatively titled “ensoulment.”  Long form guitar drone.  I’ll see what happens.  The main reason for doing it is not knowing if Ping Things is going to accept “Derivative” or not.

Printed out 50 copies of Lost Kisses 6 for if XO4 ever actually comes in so I’ll have the promos ready.  Driving me pretty crazy waiting on that.

Last night I watched Crash (the Cronenberg one) when working on some stuff.  I remembered trying to watch it 10 years ago & I couldn’t take it, I thought it was torture porn or something & only watched a couple minutes.  Maybe it’s because of having been in a car crash since, but the movie made sense to me as the weird metaphorical statement that I assume Cronenberg wanted to make.  I like Cronenberg a lot, but I think he’s too intense for me sometimes.

So just got on here to check emails & orders & it’s overwhelming.  Downloading my messages to my machine & I guess I’ll upload the replies tomorrow.


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