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So today has been nice in accomplishing things.  Posted to a bunch of newsgroups & such about the new releases.  So if you are in any forums you think I should post it to, let me know.

Also added a Rollerball disc to the website that I picked up a few copies of last month.

Edited some more of my records on radio stations thanks to the continued hard work of intern Bill Pernell.  Also sent messages to a couple hundred stations I don’t normally service to see if they’d be interested in the new releases.  Probably about 4 of them will contact me back (I don’t normally service them for a reason).

Got back the word from a couple stations & reviewers that packages have been received.  Going to be doing some follow-ups tonight on the promos that went out.

Sent out some invitations about this years Christmas compilation.  A surprisingly large amount of people seem to think it is just a comp around Christmas time rather than a Christmas compilation.  Maybe that should be the title, “A Christmas Compilation.”

Filled some orders & got a nice big distro order again.  I got a small distro order that needs to go out tomorrow.

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