Days & Dreams

So I’m back in Raleigh from the initial wave of working on Philip Palmer’s album.  On our last listen before leaving I heard some more things I need to work on mixing wise.  So, I’ll let it sit a while before doing another wave of work on it.  We did get lucky that we finished mixing on Monday as Tuesday morning power was out in the whole neighborhood for several hours.

So it’s my first time home where I have a second to relax & the feeling of existential dread came back over me that I don’t have the luxury to have while I’m out on tour or whatever.  I hope to knock it back away again for a few more weeks.  Lots of work to do here…..

Recent Dreams:
I go into a public restroom & the first room is just sinks.  I go through a door to the actual bathroom & there’s about 20 urinals on the right hand side & all of the near ones are occupied.  I walk down to the far end of the room & start pissing, but I look down & notice that instead of pissing in a urinal I’m pissing into one of those machines that’s used to polish bowling balls.  Whatever, I finish going.  I go to wash my hands & then a smoke alarm goes off & I smell an electrical fire.  I guess I shouldn’t have peed on the machine….

I’m at Myrtle Beach & there’s been a storm that’s caused the ocean to move in about 200 yards & flood every beach front building.  They say it’s going to take a year for the ocean to recede.

Me & Eric Shonborn just cooked up a batch of meth in the house I grew up in & are celebrating by eating some M&Ms out of a glass bowl.

I’m watching an episode of Breaking Bad & the oldest son from Malcolm in the Middle shows up dressed as a younger version of Walt & tells Walt he wants him he wants to learn how to cook.

I have a show at some club downtown at a club that is built into a hill & I’m playing on the lower level.  I have never seen this place before in my life.

My friend Brian who now goes by Adrian  & in the dream calls himself Jeff is making a living by selling weapons he gets from a police evidence room.  I’m trying to buy a knife from him that is the evidence that will keep another friend out of jail if it disappears.

I get an invitation for an appearance at a big music festival for the band I used to be in with my ex-girlfriend.  I email her & she agrees to do it.  I go to pick her up & she brings along some dude that I guess is her husband/boyfriend.  The whole drive is just the husband/boyfriend telling annoying stories that I don’t want to hear.  When we get there to check out the venue it’s outdoors which sucks because it means I won’t be able to get the amps loud enough.  It ends up we’re playing third from last so we go to the hotel to practice a little since we haven’t played together in about ten years.  Her husband/boyfriend goes to wander around the town while we practice & we make it through one song (“13″ which has a 13/3 timing) & then we start making out & having sex just like old band practices.  In the middle of doing it she complains about feeling bad about cheating on the husband/boyfriend (I don’t feel bad about it just because the dude is such a freaking douchebag) & we stop & don’t bother to try practicing again.  I start drinking some homemade alcohol that I brought with me & as soon as it hits my mouth I know that something is wrong with it & it makes me feel like a time traveler because it’s suddenly four hours later.  We’re about to go on stage & it’s raining hard enough that water is going sideways & I need to lay down a piece of plastic on top of my pedals so that they don’t get wet & short out.  I take a shot of my homemade alcohol & I travel forward in time & it’s the next morning & we’re in the middle of a service at a mega-church.  I ask my ex-girlfriend how the show went & she tells me she was amazed at how bad the other bands were & no wonder they’re less famous than us.  After the church service we go back to the hotel & me & my ex-girlfriend start having sex while her husband/boyfriend is in the shower & she tells me to be careful because she bruises easily.

I’m on tour with The Independents & the hotel we’re at is in a weird town & the restaurant nearby is really just a house.  It says it’s open 24-hours but we have to ring a doorbell & it’s clear we wake the woman up who runs the place.  I order eggs over medium with hash browns & Evil orders a soft boiled egg.  When the woman goes to cook the food Evil tells me he ordered the soft boiled egg because then the woman can’t spit in his food.

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