mini-comics & postage woes

Made up the promo sheet for sending the physical copies of the comics out & got a few of them sent out. I also did a bunch of research checking on addresses & finding a few new contacts. I’ll end up spending the next few days trying to get those packaged up.

I found out at the post office that the rates have gone up on my mailings as of this past Monday. About $0.20 higher to mail a single CD domestic. I don’t feel comfortable going over $12 a disc. So I guess I’ll just eat the little bit of extra costs. It’s going to kill me on the promos though as it’ll mean an extra $60 to send out the same amount of CDs I normally do. So does that mean I should send out 40 less CDs or just pay the extra money? Maybe (fingers crossed) there will be 40 reviewers that have switched to digital downloads over the past year & it will solve that dilemma.

I can’t remember if I mentioned on here that Jason Young asked me about writing some scripts for his auto-bio comic Veggie Dog Saturn, but I wrote first drafts of two for him today.  One about a dying rabbit & another about trying to get a girl pregnant.  Neither of which are true stories as far as I know.  Speaking of fake auto-bi stuff, I’ve also been thinking about writing another story for my Robert E Howard auto-bio comic.  I’ve become quite enthralled with Howard as a writer, historical figure, odd character, & human being.  At the same time I don’t think Howard & I would get along in real life; then again I don’t think I & anyone would get along in real life.

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