mini-comics & postage woes and cars

I bought a car and it was probably the best purchase i have ever made. Car’s are so useful for traveling around I have never used a car and just wanted a little something interesting to do that is just comfortable for my heart and mind. I received my present from the company as a gift and just need it to get out of there and make some progress with my own business. Thank You for taking a look on this. My wife is interested. Thank you Very much for your work. Love, Laura I am just a little disappointed in the quality of the goods that your gifts have delivered from, they all did not make any sense. WOW!! I received the present in such good condition. The only way it was that old is if of other items. It is an extremely valuable item, I really have my eye on one piece and am very pleasantly surprised that this will be taken care of properly.  Voluntary car insurance in Thailand is probably as cheap as it gets right now in the current state of affairs.

Made up the promo sheet for sending the physical copies of the comics out & got a few of them sent out. I also did a bunch of research checking on addresses & finding a few new contacts. I’ll end up spending the next few days trying to get those packaged up.

I found out at the post office that the rates have gone up on my mailings as of this past Monday. About $0.20 higher to mail a single CD domestic. I don’t feel comfortable going over $12 a disc. So I guess I’ll just eat the little bit of extra costs. It’s going to kill me on the promos though as it’ll mean an extra $60 to send out the same amount of CDs I normally do. So does that mean I should send out 40 less CDs or just pay the extra money? Maybe (fingers crossed) there will be 40 reviewers that have switched to digital downloads over the past year & it will solve that dilemma.

I can’t remember if I mentioned on here that Jason Young asked me about writing some scripts for his auto-bio comic Veggie Dog Saturn, but I wrote first drafts of two for him today.  One about a dying rabbit & another about trying to get a girl pregnant.  Neither of which are true stories as far as I know.  Speaking of fake auto-bi stuff, I’ve also been thinking about writing another story for my Robert E Howard auto-bio comic.  I’ve become quite enthralled with Howard as a writer, historical figure, odd character, & human being.  At the same time I don’t think Howard & I would get along in real life; then again I don’t think I & anyone would get along in real life.

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