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So I got a final draft of XO #8 done & laid out & sent it to Melissa to draw. So that’s just two comics I have out waiting for art to come back. I need to get on the ball with writing.

I finally checked out the video I shot the other day using my keychain video camera & I actually think it looks pretty good.

I also got the Remora track for Jason Dube’s comic Caffeine recorded (I’ll get a link up when I know what’s up with it) & recorded a couple demos for the next Vlor (maybe it’ll happen in 2012?).

I tested out the new 60 watt Roland keyboard amp & it seems a lot louder than the Alesis amp was.  I haven’t tested it for the Small Life Form set yet (which is the main reason I need it), but it may be a match.  I also went ahead & ordered one of those orange Roland bass amps from the 1980s.  Evidently I really like Roland as the only large amps I own are Roland.

I was talking to one of the mini-comic reviewers that prefers the digital downloads about why she prefers the downloads & she told me that she lives in eastern Europe & when she orders things there’s only a 50% chance of them arriving.  Which is a twist on downloading I forget about.

Here’s one of my favorite videos of all time, I hope you dig it.

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