Mind Working

Last night’s Remora show went well, a lot of fun as shows at Myrtle Beach always tend to be.  Not the most packed show, but I made enough money to cover the day’s gas, food, & bar tab.  No complaints at all.

When I got to Myrtle Beach my car alarm kept going off & I couldn’t start it because of it’s anti-theft feature.  The battery in the little remote had gone bad.  Maybe there is some solve for this, but it doesn’t seem like if the battery in the remote goes bad that your whole car should become useless.  I wish I had a Ford instead of a Honda.

Does anybody out there have an opinion of Kerchoonz?  Is it worth me signing up for?  It seems there are an infinite amount of music based social networks these days & I’m not sure if it’s worth the hour to make the page or not.  But I just saw a press release that Beggars Banquet signed up for their entire catalog (including all the 4AD stuff) to be on it & that makes me think it might be something worth doing.

I’m thinking about doing a sub-label for Silber to release short runs of stuff that I like & either doesn’t fit the Silber style (like the Wet Teens) or I just don’t have confidence in releasing a thousand of.  This would not be a replacement of the free net release EP series, but an addition.  I know, I probably have too much I’m doing already.

I got a tracking number that the Lost Kisses DVDs have shipped.  I need to start doing research for review outlets.  Anybody no places that review snarky cartoons that casuse them to buy things?  Or the process for getting involved with Netflix?

I wrote the first fourth of the new issue of Worms.  Getting a little done on the down time.  I’m thinking about turning the comic into a bit of The A-Team or The Hulk after the girl escapes the hospital.  You know, the girl is on the run while helping people in whatever town.  I always like those type of shows

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