one step closer

I finally gave names to all the tracks on the Vlor album, which was the main stumbling block for finishing the artwork.  I also remastered another track on it (which seems to happen nearly every time I listen to it).  So it feels closer to release.

Going out of town for a couple shows & a couple days out of the house.  Hopefully it will clear my mind a bit.  Today I rotated my tires by hand moving the jack around to switch them all & I remembered how much I love doing physical work.  I also realized how cheap Honda must be, the tire iron is only 8 inches long & I couldn’t get enough leverage to get the nuts off with it.  How much extra per car would it be to have an extra 4 inches on the thing? A quarter?

Hoping to write a few things on this little trip, like 3 press releases & 3 comics & the re-write of questions for the guitar issue of QRD.

Anyone else get the new Dream Magazine?  Interviews with Sarah June & Glenn Branca in it (tons of other cool stuff too).

My buddy Shaun Sandor (Promute, Bicameral Mind, etc) said he heard one of the $100 mastering jobs  I keep seeing advertised & it sounded like a $50 mastering job.  Makes me feel a little better about my prices doing it.

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