Back at Work

Had some fun on my days away, of course now I’m behind on a bunch of things.  The best part was seeing a guy changing a tire on the side of the highway while his wife/girlfriend sat in her underwear in a folding chair watching.  I made money on the string of shows if I just pay for gas instead of wear on the car ($0.50 a mile).  It’s hard for experimental bands to make the money to pay on the mileage plan.  I’d basically need $100 a day at that point & meanwhile I’m pretty happy with $50 lately.

Does anybody know what you’re supposed to do for weird sounds coming out of an effects rig at random venues?  I already use a power conditioner & a ground lift.  I can’t test it at home because there’s no problem in the house.  It’s really irritating the 10% of the time I run into it.

The Lost Kisses DVDs came in.  The amount of work it will be is a little overwhelming to say the least.  I need to research where  to send promos & try to figure out about distribution of a DVD.  Yeah, those are things I should have done before I even started looking into manufacturing  DVD, but I had the initial plan to sell them at some mini-comic conventions, but the timing is flawed.  I guess part of it too is that I got a grant towards them & that makes me take them a little less seriously, which is totally bogus.  I guess it’s the same reason bands seem to be willing to push a self-released album harder than one a label helps them with.

Playing the Pinhook on Wednesday in Durham, NC.  Why not come out?

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