Merry Christmas, Just A Man, The End of the World, Nostalgia Equals Distortion

Merry Christmas.  Hope everyone is doing well.

I did some work on tracking down some places to promote the comics today.  But to be honest I don’t know exactly where most of my day went.

I worked up a second draft of a new mini called “The End of the World.” That may or may not be a one-shot & may or may not actually ever come to fruition.  It’s about a teenage girl & an unaddressed cause to the end of society.  The opening story is just about an overwhelming sense of dread & then her parents getting killed while she hides in the closet with her brother.  I’m thinking about incorporating the device where she smothers her brother to keep him quiet, but I feel it’s a little too bleak & over-used in the genre.

There was supposed to be a special Christmas issue of QRD, but none of the folks selected actually sent in the interview answers.  I never got around to doing mine either, but maybe I’ll do it tomorrow & just post it in the blog.

Today’s installment of Silber comics is Just A Man #4.

There’s a new post at Nostalgia Equals Distortion that I wrote about Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime.

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