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I did some research for some weird promo swag ideas for Azalia Snail.  Necklaces with snails on them & things like that.  Not 100% sure on things yet.  Because Azalia pointed out that she’d rather have the gimmicky promo thing for reviewers be related to the album rather than be a gag based on her name.  Which I totally understand.  I’d hardly want something involving actual remoras (the fish) promoting my next Remora record.  Though then again I have debated the idea of something with seeds for a Small Life Form record.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s the Remora robot version of “Brand of Bitterness” (Sarah June)  I’m never 100% sure if the robot stuff I’m doing is kinda weird & cool or just junk that occupies my time.  Maybe it would be better if I wasn’t using a free software from 1997 to do all the instruments.

I also talked with Sarah June about maybe doing a fan collaboration oriented video for the real version of “Brand of Bitterness.”  If it comes to fruition, I’ll let you know.

Today’s installment of Silber comics is Just A Man #3.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I have a new girlfriend who has a kinda crappy job.  She reveals to me that her profession prior to the economy crapping out was traveling with carnivals as a professional clown.  I tell her, “That’s awesome, how could she ever give up that life?”

I’m working in a garage (one of the big ones that does real car work that’s the size of a warehouse, not the kind that’s attached to your house) & I’m cleaning it because it’s the end of the week.  When I’m finished & everything is fixed up.  I can’t find any doors to get out of the place.

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