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I’ve been working a little towards a new stickfigure issue of Lost Kisses.  It’s going to be about seizures & time travel.  So autobiographical.

A bunch of the Silber releases from this year (along with probably any other release you bought this year) are nominated for the best of the year on Brainwashed.

Did some more work trying to scare in a few of the straggling interviews that are out for the next couple of issues of QRD.  I need to get on the ball with the questions for mini-comic folks soon so I can start soliciting for those.  & also figure out if I’m going to do another set for couples in bands & for musician dads.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is XO #1.

Last Night’s Dream:
Going through a bunch of wooden block stamps I find one with an image of a Clonetrooper helmet.

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