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So I thought I’d finally finished the Silber front page & then I got an email from Martin Newman (Plumerai) that it wasn’t working right in Internet Explorer (I use Mozilla).  I couldn’t figure out how to make things work in both platforms.  I suppose that’s why I see so many crappy webpages in general (especially some big ones that seem to not have great functionality), things don’t work like they’re supposed to.  This is why sometimes standards & monopolies are a good thing.

I’ve been working on this stupid HTML/Java code on the site for long enough that not only do my eyes hurt, I had a dream about the world being coded.  But like the Matrix movies, it seemed a little dated.

Just listened to this interview with Carl Saff about mastering.  I think it’s interesting how people that are professional engineers are at a point where they need to sell their expertise rather than the equipment they have at their disposal.  Probably even more true with mastering than normal recording.  It’s true with a label too I suppose.  Why work with an indie label & give them half your money?  Because their expertise & knowledge can double your sales or at least half your work.

So I recently was talking to Shane Sauers of Miss Massive Snowflake on North Pole Records about how things are going with his new record as I’d seen in the charts at a few stations.  He told me, “Yeah, it’s getting some airplay in Michigan & stuff, but now what am I supposed to do?”  Because he’s in Portland, Oregon & the odds of him doing a tour of the scale to get to Michigan is asking a bit much.  So I thought I’d throw out some of my general ideas on the subject & things I sometimes do & maybe should always do because I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat.
1. Thank the music director for their interest & support.
2. Try to track down & contact individual DJs at the station that would be into the release to let them know it’s at the station & that they would dig it.
3. Offer to get the band to do station IDs or PSAs.
4. Ask the music director if there are any local music shops you should try to get your disc in stock at.  If they have answers, contact the record stores letting them know it’s in rotation at the station & where they can get the stuff to stock at the store.
5. After building a bit of conversation with an MD offer an on air phone interview if it seems reasonable.
6. Offer sending a few copies of the disc for on air give aways.
7. If it’s a college station, try to find out about a campus gig.  These gigs sometimes pay enough to finance a whole tour & often need to be booked fairly far in advance & you can build a tour around them.
8. If some of the previous things have worked out & things seem to be going well, offer a virtual radio session (either demos or live recordings that you send the station a CD-R of).
9. Spread the word to your fanbase that they can hear your stuff on that station’s live stream & can request stuff off the disc while their listening.
10. A lot of college music directors go on to do other things in the music industry, so while you have their attention, it’s important to honestly build a relationship with them.  Today’s MD could be tomorrow’s music supervisor.

Also talked to Shane about him drawing Lost Kisses #12.  He’s going to be drawing it during his upcoming European tour.  That’s actually a pretty great idea for how to not waste all the dead time that naturally comes on a tour.

I got a bunch of reviews in today of the new releases.  I’m realizing I have let myself get behind in posting the reviews to the blog & putting them on my website besides in the Twitter feed.

Moodring is going to be doing a live radio session Saturday (see our events on MySpace for details so you can listen on the web).  They’ll actually be doing another radio session soon as well & I’ll put up the info on that one as soon as I get all the details.

I know I sometimes geek out about Dave Sim, but I think some of you might be interested that the new episode of Cerebus TV airing Friday night is him interviewing Frank Miller.

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