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So I have a DJ who supports Silber stuff in Macedonia.  He spins the stuff on the radio & despite never having gotten a direct order from someone in Macedonia I’ve always sent stuff there to build the following & even helped Promute get an on air radio session over there once.  Anyway, on Facebook you can advertise by region & I’ve been advertising in Macedonia & now I have like a third of the Facebook likes coming from there.  So I guess I’m going to go ahead & cut the ads in that region as it seems kind of ridiculous.

I just finished up proofreading the interviews for the new QRD guitarist special.  I’ll be trying to get them all set up as webpages & all that in the next few days & the issue will come out.  Then on to the next two issues (label owners & comic creators) before working on the new interview series (drummers & touring musicians).

Worked up some rough drafts for the press releases for the next couple of releases in the 5 in 5 EP series, which should get me back on schedule with that soonish.

Tonight is the 919 Noise showcase, then doing a Remora thing tomorrow doing the backing music for a feminist open mic, then Friday night is a metal fest with Irata, then Saturday in the day a rock & roll craft fair with my comics & buttons, & Saturday night is the second night of the metal festival, & Sunday there’s an instore show I kinda want to go to.  So it’ll be a full few days that may mean no blog updates.

Last Night’s Dreams:
We’re in an attic of a mansion trying to escape from a cosmic horror.  The man behinds me gets stung by a two foot long scorpion & the venom causes his flesh to fall off his bones before his body even has a chance to fall to the ground.

I’m driving a fuel truck & none of the other people filling up at the load island look familiar to me.  Do I even actually work here?

I’m in a plane going to Hawaii for a series of Silber concerts in the Pacific Rim.  Hotel Hotel & Plumerai are also on the plain & I’m not sure who else.  We’re going over the Rocky Mountains & the plane can’t keep altitude & occasionally there’s a tree scraping the bottom of the plane.  I’m glad my girl isn’t here because she’d be freaking out.  I get on my phone & send a text message to post to Twitter saying the shows might not happen. I hope my equipment doesn’t get damaged in the cargo hold.  The pilot lands the plane on a stretch of highway crashing into some cars & making the nose landing gear collapse.  I just want to play my freaking shows.

There’s a hole in the wall in the bedroom & I see a light coming through.  It should just lead to the living room, but instead hidden in the wall is a whole other room, bigger than the entire apartment.  I put my finger in the hole trying to scratch out the plaster & make it big enough to climb through, but the wood behind the plaster I would need tools to break through.

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One Response to Macedonia, QRD, 5 in 5, Dreams

  1. the girl says:

    hey! there really *IS* a hole in the bedroom closet!!!

    i don’t know why, but the dream about the fuel truck made me giggle.