Buttons & Dreams

So I suddenly have some button orders that I need to get done in the next couple days.  Going to make myself a little crazy now because I really am overbooked as far as work goes because of everything else going on.  We’ll see what happens.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m out for a walk near a golf course & I see two men come out from behind one of the hills dressed as gorillas.  I pound on my chest & they pound on their chests in return.  I see some smaller apes, too thin to be people in suits, carrying little tote bags.  I guess they’re the women & they’re all real apes.  I wish Willy B was here to see this.

I’m in a public restroom & I start levitating against my will.  I’m grabbing on to a urinal trying to force my feet back on to the ground, but the best I can do is hold myself only a couple of inches off the floor.  I guide myself over to the sinks hoping some water will knock me out of it, but the water tastes like rancid ocean water.

I open my cell phone & it’s broken.  I just lost the 200 song ideas I had on it.

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