Buttons, Comments, Headaches, Dreams

So I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to get some buttons ready for my couple of live events this week.  No idea how it will work out.  But I’m hoping to sell 100 buttons over the events I’m at the next three or four days as well as picking up some orders.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam blog comments lately.  In a way it’s a compliment I suppose, but it’s pretty frustrating.  I have some kind of anti-spam thing installed here, but maybe the robots got smarter because it’s gone from four or five comments a day to around 100.  So I’m thinking about adding a captcha thing, which I always hate to see on blogs personally.  I’m hoping for some kind of captcha thing that lets me make custom words & such so I can have it Silber themed, but I’m not sure such a thing exists.

So this week Paypal is doing some minor alterations that most people will never notice, but I had to update my digital download shop software because of.  Yesterday I got an order that didn’t process correctly & supposedly it’s because there was an hour or so yesterday as Paypal switched the process around that no one with a digital shop using Paypal had things work properly.  That’s what the software creator says.  So I’m hoping things are going to work fine now.  I guess I’ll know in a day or two if things have straightened out or if I get more customers not getting their downloads.

I don’t know if you’ve heard (or why you would have), but international shipping just went up dramatically.  It now costs $9.45 to mail a CD to Europe.  So that means my international prices are also going to have to go up dramatically, which sucks.  I love that my prices have been so reasonable for years.  I guess that it’s just one more reason to drift away from physical media (another thing that I hate doing).

Last Night’s Dreams:
I wake up sleeping in a beach house, one of those ones on stilts.  I don’t know who it belongs to or why I’m there, but I get out without being seen & go to the beach wearing my blue work pants.  The wind is cold & it’s hard not to shiver so I walk into the ocean to avoid the wind.  The cold of the water feels good & the waves pulling on me feel like an embrace.  This is home.

My sister got me this plaster caster kit that has two molds, one of a mummy & one of Chewbacca.  After waiting a couple days for the plaster to dry I crack it open & instead ofChewbacca it’s a delicate figure of a woman wearing a dress flowing in the wind & holding an umbrella.

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