QRD, Sarah June, Finally Checking It Out

Started working on the next QRD (a label owner special).  Sent out questions to about 250 label owners & already have half a dozen responses.  Feel like I’m walking into an overwhelming mass of trouble on it.

Did some work on mastering for the Sarah June remix/etc. EP.

Made up the other new review blog Finally Checking It Out today.  We’ll see what happens with it.  My first review was a movie instead of an album strangely enough.

Going down to Charlotte for a few days to hang out with my brother & do some recordings for the WNCW show What It Is.  So I might be missing in action a little for a few days while I’m out of town & then catching back up when I get back in town.

Last Night’s Dream (bizarre by my standards):
I’m Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks).  I’m trying to seduce the mailman so that my boyfriend can go through his little truck & steal all the drugs in it being delivered to all the old people in the neighborhood.  I’m trying to get him to break into the abandoned neighbor’s house so we can be some place private & he suddenly changes his mind & says, “You’re hot, but you’re just not worth the risk, baby.”  Which is fine, I didn’t want to fuck him anyway.  I just want to get high.

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