Lots going on, Sarah June/Carta/Origami Arktika

I took a couple days off from blogging & the internet in general.  Did a couple video things, but I’m still waiting for my new link cable for my camera to hook up my camera to my computer (anyone want to send me a sony vlink cable that upgraded to something else?  PO Box 18062 / Raleigh, NC 27619).  I made a little mini-doc about my comics that I was requested to.  Also a weird video piece for Remora that will probably build into me making some other videos I don’t really want to give it away, but it involves video & audio feedback & might be a future piece for a Small Life Form live show.

I got an email from a guy wanting me to hire him to help promote Silber on MySpace.  Out of curiosity I went to check out his site & he has 200 friends!  I can’t imagine somebody offering such a service with less than 10,000 friends!

On Music World, Sarah June & Carta are both nominated for this week’s single if you can help spread the word – vote here

There will be a webcast performance from Origami Arktika & Origami Boe at www.anderebaustelle.com Wednesday at 10pm Berlin time (4pm Eastern US).  I think it will rebroadcast…..

Got an email from Bob Freville that the video for Remora’s “Collapse” for the Mecha album should be done in a couple weeks.  If only I was as sure about getting the Silber digital shop running in two weeks.

A few reviews are trickling in & some radio play for the new releases.  So that’s good.

I haven’t shaved in a week & when people ask me why I’m growing a beard I tell them, “I’m not very happy with myself as a human being, so I’m trying to change my appearance to re-invent myself.”  I probably should make a little comic about it.

About to do some follow-up emails to some folks.

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