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I recorded a special little drone using a CB microphone & a few electric razors for the opening of the little music video for “Collapse” (new version for the Mecha album).  It reminded me that I need to start doing more music.  Probably part of me feeling like I’m going crazy & becoming useless as a human being is that I’ve not been doing anything with creating intellectual property lately.  For better or worse I probably function better in my day-to-day life if I’m closer to being an artist than a businessman.

Speaking of the “Collapse” video I got the first edit in from Bob Freville & he’s doing some editing.  It’s weird to me working on videos because I’m still not used to the level of collaboration involved with doing them.

Speaking of music videos, I have been a little sad about the small amount of views of the Vlor: “Watch Me Bleed” video on YouTube.  So I went ahead & set up to do the pay per click promo thing they have there.  So it seems like it instantly got 100 extra views or at least instantly had stats for 100 extra views.  Maybe it’ll be worth the extra $15.  I hope it will generate some sales, but I guess I just have to wait & see what happens.  I’m thinking about selling a download of a video to when the chance is there; except of course…

Still having problems with my digital download store not working properly.  It seems like the guy who sold me the software has gotten tired of trying to fix the shop to work properly.  Anyone interested in trying to help set up a new one (or fix the current one) that does function properly that has the know how on doing it?  What’s supposed to happen is a person buys a download via Paypal then they get emailed a link that expires in a certain amount of time with a link that is randomly generated.  So far there’s always a problem that the link doesn’t seem to work properly at the end.  The software used for the set up right now is called Paypal Download Manager.  Let me know what’s up as I know the software can work because No More Stars got it working three or four years ago.

Started doing the MySpace campaign for Carta & Sarah June & got an email from someone who’d bought the Carta through iTunes.  It’s interesting when people get stuff through any place other than directly through Silber, because I don’t get to make the personal connection that Silber is trying to do with our whole “family building” music model.  Just more of a reason why I really need to get the digital shop working.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people buying music from their local record shops & keeping them in business; but when it comes to buying music through major corporations I’d rather have the chance to build a personal relationship.  Yet another reason for the digital store to get working.

I have been chatting with Sons of Alpha Centauri because I helped run some promo on their new split with A Death Cinematic.  Talking about the numbers of sales a lot of “big” bands are actually making now & how some small bands are being a bit dishonest when they push for a small label to press 1000 discs instead of 100 discs.  It’s hard to say sometimes.  Because who wants to admit only 100 people want to listen to their music?  But I think sales have little to do with music quality, so it’s really more of an admission from the label of what they can do rather than any statement of quality on the music.

Got in the artwork for Just A Man #4.  So I need to still get things going on that & still need to scan in the artwork for XO #6.  Also heard from the artist for the Mecha comic that a few pages have been drawn.  So it should be coming in eventually.

Got the cable I needed to export some video stuff off my camera & onto my computer.  So that’s going to be a day’s worth of work coming up soon.  I’ll wait until things are ready to tell you what’s going on about them.

The Sarah June & Carta sold out from one of my distros & I had to re-ship.  It’s a good sign that there’s a real buzz about both releases.

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