Years & Comic Anthologies

So I got a comment from a press person/fan saying I should put the release date next to all releases instead of just “2010.”  What do you guys think?  Part of the reason I don’t put it is because I feel like come December that “January 2010″ sounds old while “2010″ is still fresh.

Adjusted all the files for the SPACE anthology so they’re the correct size.  Designed a table of contents that I think looks acceptable.  Did a second draft of the cover.  Waiting to see what Bob Corby thinks of them so I can get the whole thing finished up.

Plumerai is playing at the Cave in Chapel Hill Friday (& The Wormhole in Savannah on Saturday) if anyone is in those areas.

I’m going to try to shoot some video stuff this weekend.  Dave Sim asked me to do a little mini-doc about my mini-comics.  & I guess that means I should do it.  I might shoot it outside as that seems the only way I can get lighting that I’m thoroughly happy with.

Weird dreams last night.  I’ll maybe get them typed in tomorrow.

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