If Thousands, Freeze Pedal, Dream

I got an email from Aaron Molina of If Thousands that they are working on a new release to come out this year.  They also have a new website up here.

Got more work done today on the upcoming QRD.  Most notably typing in the answers from Dave Sim (he doesn’t use email).

Working on the layout of my nephew’s new Star Wars comic.  I still have to do the layout for several of mine….

Anyone know anything about this Freeze Sound Retainer Pedal from Electro-Harmonix?  I kinda like the idea of it, but have little trust in their modern pedals for lasting long enough to be worth buying.  I still haven’t even bothered to switch out my old Boss Octave Pedal for the POG I got maybe 9 months ago in my rig.

Last Night’s Dream:
I think it’s after the apocalypse.  I’m riding in the backseat of a Suburban that’s been converted into a monster truck & we’re driving through the Redwood Forest & it seems that about 25% of the trees are laying down so even in this truck we can only go a couple miles an hour.  For some reason we’re talking about the movie Dig & I say that I thought the girl in The Dandy Warhols was cuter before I saw her with her top off & I like naked girls as much as the next guy, but some girls look better clothed.  At this point I notice the girl driving the truck is naked from the waist up.

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4 Responses to If Thousands, Freeze Pedal, Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    Large Marge?

  2. No. I know the girl, so I feel I shouldn’t mention her name; but she actually does look somewhat similar to the girl from The Dandy Warhols – though at least in the dream her boobs were better.

  3. Better than the Dandy Warhols set. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve seen the girl, so I’m not sure I can trust my judgment on them in general.