Living in a Bubble

So the other day the ten year old boy that lives across the street got his first electric guitar (he got it at an arcade, spending $100 to win enough tickets to get it & I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s a $50 guitar, though maybe $50 guitars go for $100 these days) & his grandmother asked me if he could come over & I could help him tune it. I tuned his guitar & gave him a couple tips on hand position for his fretting hand & showed him that he can do picking patterns with his picking hand (previously just doing the chord strumming). It ends up he already had an acoustic guitar & had been occasionally taking lessons from his cousin for a couple years, so he already had some music stuff installed on his tablet that he brought over. Including a full version of Garage Band. I think the last time I messed with GarageBand was probably 2004 or something like that & things have changed & playing with it for five minutes really enlightened me about music. It was really easy to get good sounds out & using it really made it apparent that the defaults in there are being used a lot for the production music in various TV shows, commercials, video games, & YouTube videos which kinda points to why it seems like the music placement thing seems to be drying up. I mean, there have to be better versions than this & it’s pretty good. It reminds me of the rise of cheap keyboards that everybody got from their mom at Christmas & I feel like eventually made a whole generation of musicians (including me) not really respect the instrument. But it’s fun, it makes music accessible & non-elitist to make & I get why that devalues music in a way, makes it seem more like a game than work, & puts another nail in the coffin in the working musician class. Making music seems, much like playing ios games for money, more of a hobby than a career. Music being the same as my dad playing tennis is a weird idea to me, but maybe if I can start thinking of music in that way instead of as a failing career I’ll be happier with it anyhow. Anything to let me walk into the future instead of being stuck in the past.

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