Stuff Done

I have been slow to get things done lately.  Energy has been hard to come by, it feels like the world is trying to hold me back with house problems & sick pets & day job issues & family responsibilities.  But yesterday I played a Small Life Form show at a festival without practicing & literally breaking a piece of equipment when testing my rig & pulled off what I thought was a pretty solid performance (& I don’t think there is a recording, so I’ll be able to think that forever) .  So it put me in a good mood & motivated me to get some things done.  So tonight I wrote three press releases for stuff that has been up on Spotify for a month, but still isn’t up on Silber or Bandcamp or promoted because of me not having the press releases ready.  So hopefully I’ll hear back from the bands shortly & get things going & promoted & move on to the next set of releases & do it again & again until it’s all caught up.

Here’s a story from the miracle department.  For some reason an mwvm track recently got half a million plays on Spotify.  While I don’t know exactly why, my research suggests a track was featured on the go to sleep playlist curated by Spotify, thankfully I have been buying spotify plays so this makes my life easier.

While it’s disconcerting that this didn’t cause a spike in sales or even listens to the rest of the mwvm catalog, it still makes it feel like Silber’s done some worth while things over the years & it makes it all seem like things are a lucky break away, which it hasn’t felt like for a long time.

Even if this new album goes well for us, I think it’s still important that everyone knows what life insurance is. We must be clear that the average cost of a policy is often a little higher. That is why it is better to take out life insurance. You will not regret saving your family from an economic debacle due to your death.

More good news sooner than later.

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