A Remora Show

So a week ago now I did a Remora ensemble concept show.  The idea isn’t new, I’ve appeared in ensemble concept shows like Triangle Rhysing & the Electric Bird Noise Live at The Basement series; but it was my first time organizing one.  The concept was super loose, make a guitar feedback & try not to be the loudest one doing it with 6 guys & 8 guitars & a bass on stage.  I was stoked to get three of my frequent collaborators on board (Nic Slaton of slicnaton, Martin Newman of Goddakk/Plumerai/DRLNG, & Michael Wood of M is We) plus two guys I’ve only recently met (Michael Madsen of M is We & Rowland Yeargan of Sportsmanship).  I haven’t gotten all the audio sorted out yet (I have three source recordings that were located in different spots in the venue), but I imagine this will be a release at some point.  Everyone who took part said they’d do it again, so maybe it will happen again.  Though I have to check if all the amps survived.  Anyway, here’s the video.

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