caught a song

So I got caught up on my paperwork for sales in the month of January & the month went pretty well (mainly due to three significant payments from distributors).  It passed third quarter 2008 & is on par to be with 2007 numbers.  Most of the orders have been international, so I guess the tanking dollar is helping me.

Wrote/recorded a little song for possible soundtrack use based on someone else’s lyrics.  Never really tried to do that before & it is a weird vibe to try to do.  But I think it worked out fine as what it is.  It reminds me of the songs I did for themed literary comps about Oedipus Rex, Franz Kafka, & Renaux (sp?) the Fox; not my best or most inspired material, but better than my early catalog.

I think I finished all the paperwork for my grant & can get it mailed off tomorrow.

I found the place I want to use to get some full color stickers done.  They’re cheap & don’t last forever in the rain, but worth trying out at least.

I just checked out of curiosity & no Lost Kisses have been on ebay lately.  Kinda nice to know the reviewers actually want to keep them.

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