Kickstartering & an ancient zine

So I’ve noticed that lately a big way I discover new projects on Kickstarter is that I follow my friends on the Kickstarter site & it tells me what they backed when I go to the website & that probably works a lot better than someone posting about it on Facebook or Twitter as far as getting lost in the feed. So, one of the things I’m thinking lately is that to help with that in my next project I really need to do something to encourage people to donate just a dollar instead of posting about it on Facebook & Twitter. Haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet, but it’s what is going on in my mind.

Anyone who’s interested & has a CBZ reader (or wants to unzip & thumb through a couple hundred pages of text), I made a CBZ collecting the zine I did that pretty much directly led to my making comics.  It was an ultra-personal zine called “Brian Hearts Katherine” & was made from 2001-2008.  Looking for reviews & blurbs for making a little webpage for it.  It’s the story that has been told from a somewhat negative light in Lost Kisses #6-#8 & Lost Kisses Daily Volume I & here is presented in a fairly different light.  The download is about 150 megs.

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