Futurestates, Bottles, & Goodness

So I was talking to my buddy Don about this, but basically since I decided to do the Silber hiatus I am much happier about how things are with Silber.  Previously I would work on something  & be like, “Only four people even care,” & now I feel like, “Oh, wow!  Four people actually care!”  Which is interesting.  I guess it’s the difference between looking at something as a business or as a hobby.

So while trying to clean up the house a bit I found a half dozen bottles of comics that I had made to potentially sell at conventions & such, but never really bother to take anywhere.  So I walked down & set them all free in the creek.  I keep hoping to hear back from more bottles as I only know about two of them (one found by a girl in Wilmington & another found by a park ranger who said I was littering.

So Peter Aldrich turned me on to this series of short sci-fi films called Futurestates.  Below are two of the good episodes I’ve seen so far.  The one about the plastic bag is narrated by Werner Herzog.

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