Kicking It

So I crafted two of the Kickstarter campaigns (the Remora shirt one & one for doing comic stuff in Pittsburgh) & submitted them today.  So hopefully they’ll get approved & launched.  Kickstarter definitely seems to be hitting some growing pains.  They do a bunch of new stuff to make people prove their identities.  They have a thing where you need to fill out a thing about the challenges with the project.  I don’t know if it’s losing it’s luster for everyone or just me, but it seems like there are less weird & interesting projects & more things in the mainstream.  A lot more established/famous people asking for a lot of money & I don’t know if that brings in more new people interested in backing other projects or gets people jaded.  I kinda felt like Kickstarter was a fad, but I was hoping to irk a couple of years out of it instead of six months.  We’ll see what happens.

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