Mixing & Such

So I liked yesterday where I just spent the day recording & at the end of the day something exists.  Today I was tweeking some mixes on the stuff from yesterday based on comments from a couple friends & trying to get the website ready for launching the EP series.

I did do a bit more brainstorming for getting the new Kickstarters prepared.  Does $60 for two t-shirts, two compact discs, & 18 downloads sound fair or too cheap or too much?  That’s the high dollar thing for the Remora shirt project.  The low dollar thing is a $1 digital download.  The goal for the shirts is $250.  On the comic side I’ll be doing $5 sketch cards & $20 small paintings going along with a PDF book collecting all my work the month of November in Pittsburgh (the ebook is for $1).  The goal for that will be $200.

I got another coat of finish on the puzzle boxes.  Probably just two more coats to go.

I posted up on the website about not filling orders while I’m out of town in November, things are crazy with the amount I’m out of town this year.  A lot of work to do before I’m ready to leave town & no squeezing extra time out of no where.  But there will hopefully be a lot done in the next few days.

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