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I should’ve posted about this a while ago, but free streaming of Remora’s 24 hour record from last month on Somehow Ecstatic Records.

I booked an appearance at The Pittsburgh Comics & Collectibles Show for when I’m in Pittsburgh.  It’s a pretty different event than where I normally try to sling my comics.  It has R2-D2 & the Batmobile instead of a bunch of people doing photocopied comics.  I also tried to confirm with the one art gallery about a date for doing a comics for kids workshop.

Here’s a free compilation from Nillacat that includes Remora, Moodring, Rllrbll, & Miss Massive Snowflake.

Here’s a short film that has some music from mwvm in it.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m working in a warehouse & pulling the chain to roll open the bay door.  The door jams only about four feet open.  Still holding on to the chain for balance I go out on to the lip outside of the door to try to figure out what’s jamming it.   I don’t see anything stopping the door, but I do notice that we seem to be an infinite amount of stories up with another infinite amount of stories of bays above us & three bays to the right & maybe twenty bays to the left.  I’d fall off the edge except my right arm is caught up in the chain.  I call out for help & a co-worker pulls me back in & when I look out the bay door all I see is a parking lot & a night sky.

It’s after some kind of apocalypse & we live underground.  There’s a girl sitting on a metal bench crying so hard that the rags she’s wearing become disheveled & she exposes her right breast.  I straighten her clothes to cover her & tell her everything’s going to be okay.

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