Just some complaining

Got out this week’s promo follow ups for the Moodring.  It’s kinda irksome in a way to work hard on a release & see a bunch of radio play & good reviews & the sales don’t really seem any better than if you’d done nothing at all.  Maybe I can pretend hard work is its own reward.

Talked with Sam Rosenthal (Projekt Records) a bit about illegal download problems & everything & he suggested signing up for Sound Exchange to get some extra royalties.  Hopefully it’ll work out.

Did some more paperwork about the new releases in my data spreadsheet.  I really need to find new revenue sources if Silber is going to continue long term.

I got out the Vlor & Aarktica for four more distros today.  Planning to work on some promo stuff this weekend.  We’ll see what happens.

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