I’ve been mis-spelling hustle

I know I’ve been missing posts a lot of days lately.  It’s because I’m too busy running around rather than because I’m so lazy that stuff isn’t getting done.

Tomorrow should be the last batch of Aarktica & Vlor out to our main distribution channels.  So that will be good to have those out already.  Meanwhile I do still have to send out some of the international press & all the radio on them.

Lost Kisses #11 is a couple pages thicker than normal & unfortunately this is giving me trouble on both the paper cutter & stapling fronts.  I need to wrap my mind around what to do about it.

I’ve been doing some more hustle about getting in on Silber music placements on movies.  Waiting for it to happen & hoping there’s a sale by the end of the year to offset other losses (because all the releases are at the end of the year there is no time to recoup on things unfortunately).

Did some research today for finding some more new reviewers & radio stations.  Hopefully things will be getting a sense of a juggernaut with the increase in reviews & radio play coming with the Aarktica & Vlor (as they both have more established brand than the Moodring disc did & it seems to be getting some buzz).

Got all the stuff ready for the Aarktica MySpace campaign.  Should finish it around release date & that will be followed up by the Vlor promo campaign.

Got in the Attrition covers album with a Remora track on it.  Hope to listen to it sooner rather than later.

Signed Remora up on TheSixtyOne & Vlor up on New Band Daily.  We’ll see if either of those actually generates interest.  It’s always hard to tell what’s useful for promoting a band.  Which reminds me, I’ve never successfully been able to log in to Snocap to see if I have money there waiting for me.  I guess I should try it now….

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