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Working on things for the past six hours.  Down to under 20 emails to go.  In the course of answering emails I always run into needing to do research about new mags/webzines/radio stations to contact, so it slows me down a bit.

Just saw that last week RIYLmusic had Moodring in the top 200 for both weighted & unweighted charts.  As they say, “Sweet!”

Small Life Form show tonight as I’ve drifted late enough into the night working that it is definitely Tuesday.  So I don’t know how much blog time I’ll have tomorrow.  Looking for some shows for SLF in the south in about two weeks if anyone wants me to play their town/house just let me know.  Basically in Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, & Northern Florida.  Let me know if you have a lead.

I talked to Sarah June a bit about the artwork for her record, so things might be moving along pretty quickly for that to actually go in for manufacturing (along with the Carta).  So they will hit stores in time for Christmas & the 2009 paperwork.

Filled out a form for getting Aarktica up & running for digital distro.  In what may or may not be a bonehead move I went ahead & put it’s digital release date a week earlier than the physical (which had been already announced with the distros) since it had already had the download leak & I think that maybe it will cause an extra ten sales compared to waiting an extra week.  We’ll see I guess.  Hopefully the damage control was enough for people to still buy the music.  I’ve been thinking about doing leaks myself where it has ads in the front of each MP3, “This MP3 is for demonstration purposes only, please buy a physical copy from Silbermedia.com.”  Then being an early placement would get it to be the dominant download & since people generally collect MP3s as much as they listen to them, it would be funny that there’s the ad they here five years from now.

Over the weekend I found my recording of the very first Moodring show from Sacramento in 2004(?).  So I need to listen to it & see if it’s tweakable to good enough quality to offer up as a free digital download.  You know, something to do in my spare time.

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