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So today me & Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) went to Ted Johnson’s house to do some recording.  Did some jams & they will eventually be a release here on Silber.  One piece had vocals inspired by this old sci-fi thing:

New demo video from mwvm:

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m watching the wind on the water on a lake at night.  I’m distracted by two women walking on a dock.  One pushes the other in the water & I think they’re just horsing around when the woman on the dock lies down & grabs the other woman’s head & holds her under.  I’m just in shock.  The body doesn’t float up & the murderer gets up & walks away.  A few nights later the murderer comes back.  I see her staring at her reflection in the rippled water.  I start to walk towards the dock.  By the time I get there she’s already jumped in trying to kill herself.  I dive in after her & she’s splashing & screaming while I’m trying to save her.  She’s screaming out, “Just let me die!”  I’m managing to keep her head above water, but it’s exhausting.  Eventually she’s taken in enough water that she isn’t thrashing around anymore.  Some people have gathered on the dock & one guy who says he’s a high school football coach pulls her body out of the water & starts CPR.  I wander back to my campsite before the ambulance arrives.  I don’t know how many years later it is, but there’s a drought so that the dock is just in the meadow of the lakes edge instead of even touching the lake.  I’m sitting under the dock looking at the reflection on the water of the sun setting below the tree line listening to the conversations drifting down from those on the dock.  A hand’s placed on my left shoulder & I turn & look up & it’s the murderer.  She says she’s going to town to buy some wine & asks if I need anything.  I tell her however much wine she gets I’ll split with her.  I don’t even like wine.

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