Just building boxes & packing up some comics & getting stuff shipped out.

Last Night’s Dream:
It’s 2002 & instead of moving my grandmother down to North Carolina I give up music & move up to Pennsylvania.  I probably made the right decision.

I’m at what I assume is the Silber 20 Year Anniversary show.  Small Life Form is supposed to play first & I forgot to bring the proper equipment.  I think I can swing it with just an XLR to quarter inch adapter so I can plug my SM57 into the Remora rig.  Nobody has an adapter & I’m not sure what I’m going to do as the night’s running late before the first act.

I’m wandering around the barracks looking for some place to sleep.  All of the rooms are filled with people laying down sleeping on towels (pre-school nap time style).  One of the rooms has bats in it that start screeching when I look in for a place to sleep.  I end up sleeping outside on the railing of the deck.  I can’t take my boots off for fear someone might steal them.  I’m woken up told that I have to go on a mission.  My left leg has fallen asleep & I need help getting off the rail.  I’m sure whatever the mission is I won’t make it back alive from

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