Out of the Unknown

So today I worked on the puzzle boxes & Bottle Comics.  I’m not going to be able to get them all out before I leave town on Saturday.  It’s just the way it is unfortunately.

Anyway, I’ll probably be mostly missing from the internet most of the next couple of weeks while I go hiking in the high deserts of New Mexico & Utah.

I practiced for the minimalist Small Life Form set for in Taos next week.  Just three pedals & a microphone & I could pull it off pretty easily actually.  I probably have way too much going on in my pedal set-up normally as far as having pedals that I need for different projects all there at all times.

Here’s an episode of Out of the Unknown about totalitarian government & the end of the world. This isn’t written by Huxley, but it has his vibe….  I even might have a song about it in the near future.

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