Irata, Thorn1, Work of Art, Dreams

Got the Irata stuff up on the site (I still need to add things to the catalog pages).

Got an email from Evgeny that the Thorn1 album is essentially done, so I might hold off running my promo campaigns an extra couple days so that one is ready as well.

I’m kind of into the reality show on Bravo called Work of Art.  I know I’m into it because last night I had a dream about it where I was a contestant & the whole thing was based in Anacortes, WA at The Department of Safety little artist colony.  I think the last time I was interested in a reality show was the one Disney had about a high school orchestra.

Still trying to get things ready for the MySpace promo campaign.

Did a little more research on bloggers to contact for promo.

MySpace changed something around where it says there are comments I need to approve for the blog, but it won’t let me see them to approve them.  So if you’ve written anything on here lately, send me a message.  Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Last Nights Other Dreams
Current TV was getting shut down & banned because NOW deemed it was sexist & had enough pull to do so given its general left end viewers.

I played an afternoon show at a mall in a Mexican restaurant & I lost my shoes there (I play without shoes sometimes so I can twiddle knobs with my feet).  I had a roadie who was helping me take my equipment out & we walked by an Abercrombie & Fitch that had his picture up & it ended up that he had just given up modeling (to be a roadie for a Mexican restaurant?).  I was in a rush to get out because the whole reason I had booked an early show was because I was double booked that day & my evening show was a wedding.

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