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Recreated the artwork for Irata’s album.  The original art files were lost so I had to scan it in, run some filters to get rid of printing dots, erase the text & then put the text back in so it would be legible.  Took longer than I expected, but I am pretty pleased with the final result.

I sent new mastered versions of the Rivulets stuff for approval.  I think it’s getting really close to ready & done.

Did another wave of follow-up for the mini-comics.

I got a letter from Dave Sim where he pitched an interesting idea for trying to get advertisers.  He said I should design the ads for the companies & send them a copy of the ad & ask for the money so I can place it, because people are too lazy to make their own ads.  An interesting idea.  I’m not sure that I really want to do that, but is probably a way to increase the number of ads.  In fact there were a couple ads last time that did work that way, with people on tour asking me to just dummy up something from their logo & they’d send me a replacement in a month’s time.  I haven’t received any replacement ad spots however.  So maybe he’s right.

I hear that putting magnets on one side of your head can cause hallucinations & feelings of calm & being close to God.  I think I need to try it out….  I also should figure out which side of the head….

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