Gearing Up for the Future

I got some work done towards the new releases today.  Did the layout for the press releases for Lotte Kestner & The Wet Teens, encoded the Irata songs, made The Wet Teens digital booklet.  So I’m feeling good.  Did a little work towards their websites on Silber as well.

Talked to Brian McKenzie a bit more about the state of the music industry & his upcoming albums on Silber.

Talked to Nic Slaton a bit about what he’s been up to lately & if the future of music is playing shit your embarrassed to be associated with (meaning, in part, me trying out hacking it as a straight singer-songwriter type doing covers of Jimmy Buffet & the Beatles & other things I don’t know about or possibly just doing Leadbelly covers (which I think I would enjoy & not be embarassed by)).

I’ve been thinking about doing a series of people responding to topics for QRD.  I’ve been wanting to get some people’s take on how long copyrights should last (currently life plus 100 years or evidently forever if it’s done work for hire for a corporation) given that patents (which I’d say are a reasonably similar form of intellectual property) generally last fifteen years.

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